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Media Relations in Vancouver

We’re Here To Help You Spread The Word.

Finch Media is an award-winning PR firm specializing in delivering superior media relations in Vancouver and Canada. We help people at great companies share compelling stories and effectively communicate with their audience. Whatever your specific business or brand needs are, we’ll help you spread the word.

In the ever-changing and ubiquitous mediascape we inhabit today, it’s important for organizations to have meaningful relationships with media outlets, journalists and media personalities. We create strategic media relations initiatives that boost awareness in the press and spread the word to your target audience.

Our senior team have a wealth of experience with brands across many industries such as consumer packaged goods, education, healthcare, auto, food and beverages and more. By remaining up-to-date and flexible with expert media knowledge, we’re excited to craft a strategy for your organization to help spread the word.


Given that the media landscape is continuously evolving, it’s important to keep up to date with the latest and greatest channels available to get your message to the right audience.

By identifying and pitching news, features or opinion pieces to the media, Finch Media can help your organization increase the number of customer enquiries, drive traffic to your website, boost your SEO and enhance your brand awareness.

As well as providing Digital Marketing Services, Finch Media keeps a close eye on the forecast for traditional media such as print, TV and radio, and we use these insights to inspire our bespoke client campaigns. Our clients have faith in our seasoned story-telling skills, and we always assure that client communications are creative, engaging and consistent.

Our Media Relations Services Include:

— Media relations campaigns
— Media events
— Creative Campaign Strategy
— Development of Media Materials
— Media Training
— Media Outreach & Follow-up
— News Conferences
— Media buying
— Advertorials
— Interview Coordination

Our goal is to get journalists to endorse your story and generate valuable news coverage. This affirmation from journalists results in media coverage and a showcase of your offering. To facilitate this, we deliver services such as:  

— Campaign discovery sessions
— Distinguish relevant media
— Create the right messages
— Make valuable connections
— Measure and report on results


Media relations is at the centre of our world and over the years, we’ve built a solid reputation with journalists and media personalities across Vancouver and Canada. We’re relied upon to share concise, authentic, and valuable stories on the latest trends. We essentially guide the media in telling your story effectively, to engross your audience and create advocates for your products and services. 

Our Strategic Approach to Media Relations in Vancouver and Canada:

— Pinpoint opportunities for awards
— Discover speaker opportunities
— Organise news seminars
— Create customer events

There is an abundance of tactics that can be utilized for reaching your target audience and we will work with you to clarify which of these will be most successful to help you reach your goals.
Get in touch today and let us help you spread the word!